“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

— Margaret Mead

We empower and equip survivors of sex trafficking and forced labor through job skills training and micro-loan programs.

Empower & Equip

We walk with sex trafficking survivors as they build healthy, vibrant and self-sustaining lives through after-care and mentorship programs.


We intercept vulnerable individuals near transit stations and border crossings to prevent them from being trafficked.


Our Model

We work through local partners

Together, we empower the rescue of women + children in slavery.


Together we fund aftercare therapy + mentorship programs.


Together we save her before she enters a life of trafficking.


Together, we create social enterprise in at risk communities.


Where We Work

together, we are changing lives

Since 2015, we’ve been on a mission to abolish slavery.
When you link arms with Girl Set Free, you are helping our mission one life at a time. Click to read their stories.

Pseudonym's are used and images are changed to protect the safety of those rescued.

He had previously worked for another fisherman with the promise of payment when his term of work was finished – instead he was returned to his home without any pay after more than two years on the lake. After that fisherman died, his son returned for Darius, forcing him to fish for him six days a week. A co-worker of the fisherman would physically abuse him, and the boy had sores on his feet and other scars on his body at the time of rescue. “Going fishing is very difficult work,” Darius explained. “I am excited I am off the lake, but please don’t take me back. I want to go to school.” The suspect is in police custody and Darius has been placed in a temporary shelter to receive aftercare services.

Meet Darius

Darius* had spent most of his life working in the fishing industry, with various fishermen sometimes sending money back to his mother for his labor.


 Frightened, Devaja joined two other young girls who were accustomed to street life. She does not remember anything else before that moment in her life, only that she was left alone and her parents never came back for her. She learned to beg, even aggressively at times, just to have something small to eat. A lot of nights she went to bed in the doorframe of a shop, hungry and cold. Devaja and her companions would let stray dogs lay with them to keep warm during the frigid winter months. Devaja told the interceptors that she stayed when her friends ran away because she was so excited to study and go to school. After three years on the streets, Devaja was adopted by a loving family and able to go to school. Devaja is now in her 20s with a degree in sociology. She plans to love and serve orphans and children living on the street in Kathmandu. 

Meet Devaja

Two of our interceptors and some friends noticed Devaja* and her companions roaming the streets of Thamal and took them to a safe location for the night. After a few days, Devaja's friends ran away, but Devaja stayed. She told our interceptors that she was 5 years old when her parents abandoned her on a street in Kathmandu.


Many years of her precious life was wasted in refugee camps in Nepal while the governments of Bhutan and Nepal refused to take responsibility for the injustice inflicted upon them. Her living conditions made her vulnerable and poverty made her a target. She felt frightened, neglected, and abandoned to suffer by the rest of the world -- left to live in bamboo huts without running water or electricity for 18 years. She didn’t know how to read or write or even drive a car. She learned to weave from her mother and mastered this ancestral art of weaving while living in camp. In many ways, weaving saved her life. ​Only when the United Nations worked out arrangements for her and her family to resettle in America was their hope rekindled for a better life. Connected to Girl Set Free, Ciera uses a traditional back strap loom creating beautiful handwoven bags featured in the Freedom Box. Ciera’s creations, which interlace strands of thread to create fabric and design, are a metaphor for how her life is being restored and made whole in a new culture. Her life is inspiring and a beautiful example of perseverance and trust in God. 

Meet Ciera

Ciera is a strong Nepali woman born in Bhutan and lived on a lush beautiful farm with her family. They were forced off their farms and out of their homes when the Bhutan monarchy exiled more than 100,000 Bhutan citizens of Nepali ancestry.


She stayed in an orphanage for some period of time until foster parents took her into their home to care for her. Unfortunately, she was mistreated and sexually abused in this home, so she ran away and ended up on the streets. Jacqueline met a woman who pretended to want to help her, but she ended up forcing her into prostitution. When our monitors met Jacqueline, she had been sexually abused by many people. She was distraught and crying, asking for help. Our staff reported the situation to the police for further Investigation. Jacqueline has been temporarily placed in the home of a trusted caregiver, and our local team is supporting her and working to find an organization that will be able to provide her with long-term lodging and continued care. 

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline is an orphaned 20-year-old female who was born in the Congo. Her mother was Congolese, and her father was Rwandan. Since the premature death of her parents, Jacqueline has lived a difficult life.


Why do we work with local partners?

While the fight against human trafficking is a global one, the work of rescue, restoration, and prevention happens locally. Working together provides a greater impact in our united effort to restore lives out of slavery and into freedom.

How do you choose local partners?

What does Girl Set Free do for local partners?

Why do we work with local partners?

We carefully vet each local partner to ensure financial stability, program compatibility and key staff members are interviewed. Slavery continues to evolve, and so we choose Partners who continue to learn.

How do you choose local partners?

What does Girl Set Free do for local partners?

Why do we work with local partners?

We bring awareness to the efforts of our local partners and amplify our shared message of ending human trafficking through financial assistance, educational events, and prayer. We learn from one another and pass along that knowledge to our local communities.

How do you choose local partners?

What does Girl Set Free do for local partners?

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How many victims can be assisted and restored?

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