We empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery so they can be given  freedom, independence and the chance at a better story. 






Amy is a social entrepreneur, visionary and sought-after speaker and activist. Known for her ability to effectively communicate a message of hope, Amy has a heart for reaching the lost, strengthening the local church and championing the cause of justice. Alongside her husband, Amy founded Girl Set Free after a life changing trip to Africa. Having been exploited as a child, she is passionate about empowering the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery. Called to champion women in their stories, she often sees the person in the room who's over-looked. Having dedicated her life to humanitarian and international work, Amy brings conversation of faith, global impact and social-justice to the table. She loves spending time with her family and being outdoors.
She is currently working towards a biblical studies degree and lives with her husband on 10 acres in the countryside of Dalton Ohio.

Amy Kratzer

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Dorothy Justice

Member / Prayer Committee

Sherry Kell

Board President / Legal Counsel

dan Thomson

Co-Founder / CFO

Jeremy Kratzer

Member / Freedom Box Committee

Dorothy Justice

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Sherry Kell

President / Legal Counsel

dan Thomson

Co-Founder / CFO

Jeremy Kratzer

Jeremy co-founded Girl Set Free alongside his wife and serves as the President and Chief Financial Officer. He obtained a Computer Science degree and has worked in this field for nearly 25 years. Jeremy met Amy after a missions trip to Spain and collectively, they have served locally and globally in ministry for nearly 30 years.

Jeremy loves hiking, running and biking. Jeremy is a third generation maker and loves crafting things out of wood from their families Loft. In his free time, he loves playing board games, making homemade pizzas with his family and reading. Jeremy is passionate about empowering the local church and about seeing human trafficking abolished everywhere. His hands are full and can be found either sitting at the computer, in his workshop making something or with the three loves of his life: Amy, and his daughters Hannah and Hope.

Jeremy Kratzer

Co-founder / cfo

Dan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and after being raised in Pittsburgh, a brief stint in California, and four years in Florida, has been back in Ohio for 25 years. After obtaining a Chemistry degree and a law degree, Dan has been a patent attorney for over 20 years, the last 12 of which he has spent helping run his own law firm.
Dan met his wife, Kim, on a missions trip to Sweden just after high school. Kim and Dan have been married for 27 years, and have 10 children (8 boys and 2 girls). They adopted four of their children from Colombia in 2018. When not practicing law or raising his 10 children, Dan enjoys reading and hiking.
Dan has been involved with Girl Set Free since its founding, and has worked closely with Amy and Jeremy to help get Girl Set Free off the ground.

Dan Thomson

Board president / legal counsel

Sherry is currently a kindergarten teacher with a Master’s degree in Education. She has a heart and a passion for the children she teaches and wants them to leave her classroom not only reading, but knowing that they are loved and that God created them on purpose, with a purpose. 
She has been married to her husband, Dan Kell, for over 20 years and has two beautiful children, Jacob and Emma. Sherry loves spending time with her family. Their favorite activities revolve around being outdoors: hiking, bike riding, and being at the lake. They are very active in their local 

Sherry Kell

Member / Prayer Committee

church and enjoy spending time in Bible study, volunteering, and being in community with their small group. 
Sherry’s passion often centers around helping women and children who are at risk of being trafficked. She has volunteered with many organizations through out the years. Currently, she is ministering to women in a local jail who have a history of being trafficked. She loves pouring God’s Word and love into their lives. Her main goal in meeting with these women is for them to leave knowing that they are loved by the King and He can redeem and restore every part of their lives! Similar to her main goal working with her Kindergarten students is for them to know God has an amazing plan for their lives!

Dorothy has worked as a specialty pharmaceutical sales representative for the past 25 years.

Dorothy’s passion is for young girls and women to know how special, wonderfully unique and loved they are by our King. She has volunteered for many youth organizations and youth leadership within her church. 

Dorothy is now a freedom fighter for Girl Set Free. She has led a bi-weekly bible study in her home for the past 13 years and volunteers at a local safe house for survivors of human trafficking. Dorothy uses her love for gathering people together to chair local and virtual events for Girl Set Free. Dorothy is a proud Mom to Madison who is attending OSU in the fall pursuing a degree in biology.

Dorothy Justice

Member / Freedom Box Committee

We work with local justice officials, community partners, advocates and people like you to free slaves and disrupt the demand. Here are some of our people.

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Our first core value is Uncompromising Integrity, which to us simply means “our word is our bond.” It’s listed first intentionally among our six core values because we believe if you don’t have Integrity, none of the other core values matter. We believe in honor and justice for both the fortunate and the forgotten. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. We are committed to truth and excellence and unashamedly stand for what is true, honorable and just.



We believe that when we work together to strengthen one another, our unified purpose becomes unstoppable. We are stronger together, connected by our belief in integrity, focus and the desire to end modern day slavery. It's not the injustice that brings us together, it's the magnitude of hope for every life. Rescue is not only possible. It's happening because of our community and freedom fighters like you.



Girl Set Free strives for the highest level of financial integrity. When you give, every dollar matters. We are committed to stewarding these funds to make the greatest impact possible in the lives and communities we serve. Our work to empower the rescue and restoration of those in slavery depends on the financial support of our global community. 



We believe in hope and the power of prayer. We fight to end modern-day slavery based on our belief that all human life is full of value and beauty and bears the image of God. We are committed to acting in humility and offering mercy because of our understanding of what Jesus has done for us. We believe we are called to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.



We believe small steps matter. We know that every enslaved person has a name, a story, and a dream; the knowledge of this truth ignites strength in our hearts and motivates us to carry out the work of rescue. We know, that in order to grow, tangible funds and connections must be available. As we continue to fight for freedom, hope multiplies and lives are impacted for good. We create ways for others to partner with us, using what they have, right where they're at. Together we set people free.



We believe that people matter and the wellbeing of others is a part of our story. We believe in not just providing rescue but restoration of a human life must be a part of our work here. We believe in fair trade and responsible production through our social enterprise initiatives. We are dedicated to championing women from all backgrounds and cultures ensuring they are involved in every aspect of their businesses. We believe the true measure of social impact is not how well we care for someone in their presence, but how well they thrive in our absence.



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Our Values


Since launching in 2015, we've empowered the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery so they could be given freedom, independence and the chance at a better story. In the coming years, we hope to double this number.

women & children rescued


Our website serves as a connecting point for our growing community. We feature impact stories, interviews, artisan goods, insights from our team and reports from our local partners. We're in this ToGetHer.

abolitionists in our community


With your support, we've been able to expand our team in India, Africa, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal for more women to earn a living wage, help support their households and earn a steady income. When you empower a woman, you empower a village, equipping the next generation to break free from the narrative of exploitation.

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