There are at least 40.3 MILLION victims of slavery around the globe.

According to the International Labour Organization

It's a business that generates an estimated $150 billion each year — more than some of the top companies in the world.

With your support, we've been able to expand our team in India, Africa and Nepal for more women to earn a living wage, help support their households and earn a steady income.

Since 2015...

We've Impacted 1100+ lives in our global artisan community.


we've partnered with 9 countries


We've brought 3000+ artisan made goods to market


When you empower a woman, you empower a village, equipping the next generation to break free from the narrative of exploitation.

We are dedicated to empowering survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We work with local and global partners providing opportunities for rescued and at-risk women developing their job and life skills for a stable and fulfilling future. We believe in championing women from all backgrounds and cultures and ensure they are involved in every aspect of their business, from design to development, sourcing, production and management. 

Our Global Network Of Skilled Artisan Partners Use Regionally Sourced, Natural And Sustainable Materials To Bring The Freedom Box Designs To Life.

The true measure of social impact is not how well we care for someone in their presence, but how well they thrive in our absence.

We fund trained staff looking for trafficking “red flags” at transit stations and border crossings who intercept the innocent while trafficking is in process. We then help fund the prosecution of those traffickers.

Help protect the innocent 

We believe in the life changing impact of family and education. We serve orphaned and at-risk children, helping them realize their dreams by fostering an environment where they can grow into the best version of themselves. 

Family homes and Education 

Each Freedom Box sponsored champions 4-5 at-risk and exploited women through job skills training, career advancement and financial literacy opportunities. 

Job skills training & financial literacy

How we impact through the Freedom Box

Become a Freedom Partner by signing up for a minimum recurring $50 monthly donation to sponsor freedom.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Together, we empower the rescue and restoration of women and children. 

Step 2:

Receive a quarterly Freedom Box.

Step 3:

Artisan goods selected for the Freedom Box as our Thank You for Sponsoring Freedom.

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Thank You

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Questions & Answers

What does Sponsoring Freedom through the Freedom Box mean?

By Sponsoring Freedom (giving a recurring monthly donation of $50.00), we provide the following impact: 1.) Income for 4-5 Artisan Partners; 2.) Sponsor an at-risk child through our partnering schools in Nepal who otherwise would be trafficked in their homeland; 3.) Fund one transit monitoring employees income through our local partner who intercepts women and children from being trafficked in Africa and Nepal. Our impact is our number one priority and we go into detail sharing the stories behind the people each Freedom Box represents every quarter.

What comes in my box?

Each box features a collection of 4-5 handcrafted items produced by our local artisan partners from around the world, including a hand signed t-shirt with a new design each time. One thing we are known for is the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each box. No one was exploited in the producing or making of our goods. From field to farm and then to your front door, our fashion footprint supports freedom, every step of the way. That is something we are very proud about! 

How does Girl Set Free find the Artisan Partners?

Our Founder and her team work with 21 different Artisan Partners to curate the Freedom Box. She has personally visited most of our partner facilities and the ones she has not, her or one of our strategic business partners have vetted and endorsed that partnership.

How do you select the items that go inside the Freedom Box?

First and foremost, we offer goods that are handmade from the women we've personally rescued. Together, alongside our local partners we've established social enterprise for these women in need of monthly income. We then go through a lengthily process to select other items filtered through this criteria. 1.) All artisan partners are paid a fair and living wage and able to produce in their homeland so that we are supporting their businesses and they are not dependent on Girl Set Free. 2.) We believe in championing women from all backgrounds and cultures and ensure they are involved in every aspect of their businesses.

How often will I receive the Freedom Box?

You will receive a Freedom Box every quarter when you Sponsor Freedom with a minimum $50.00 monthly donation. We ship boxes in the beginning of these months: March, June, September and December. Visit terms HERE.

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