Two Women Intercepted | Case Filed

July 14, 2021
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Nepal: Two Women Lured with Work, Intercepted Before Being Sold into Prostitution; Case Filed!⁠

Struggling to provide for their families, Prati* (23) and Kritka* (31) were both looking for good job opportunities when they came into contact with Kumar*, a man who promised them stable jobs in India earning lucrative salaries. They were called to Biratnagar, and when they arrived at the bus station there, Kumar was waiting to pick them up. He took them to a hotel and told them to spend the night there. ⁠

Before leaving the hotel, Kumar told them they would have to cross the border the next morning with the help of his friend, Ram*. In case anyone stopped them for questioning at the border, Kumar instructed them to lie and say that Ram was their brother and they were traveling to India to attend a wedding ceremony together. Prati and Kritka were surprised by Kumar’s instructions, but they didn’t ask any questions about why they would need to lie.⁠

The next morning, they took a rickshaw to the border area. When they got off the rickshaw and started walking toward the border, they were noticed by our global partners who approached them for questioning. Prati, Kritka, and Ram were separated for individual interviews, and our team uncovered multiple contradictions in their stories. Our partners also recognized that the women were unable to speak the local language of their final destination, which would put them at high risk of exploitation or abuse. Furthermore, our team was unable to confirm the legitimacy of the women’s promised employment. ⁠

After conducting a thorough investigation, our partners discovered that the two men were taking Prati and Kritka to India to sell them into prostitution. The women were escorted to our shelter where they received counseling regarding human trafficking and safe migration. A case has been filed against the suspects, Kumar and Ram.

We continue to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sex trafficking. Join us in intercepting vulnerable women and children today. 

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